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The Jersey Shore
January 25, 2010, 1:03 am
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I should be accustomed to living in a land that is the butt of jokes by now. After all, I heard plenty of dim-witted fellow Americans spout off about how the South is full of a bunch of toothless bums who can’t wait to engage in taboo acts with family members when I lived in the South for eight years. I used to be able to just roll my eyes and hop back onto a plane and enjoy my idiot-free time with my lovely Southern friends on the beautiful beaches of gorgeous Charleston, SC.

…but there’s just something about this terrible new show on MTV: Jersey Shore. Have you seen this? The cast has to have a cumulative IQ of around 85, and its doubtful that any of them realize just how ridiculous they are. I googled it after yet another student made a reference to it in class. Now when I walk about, if I mention I live in Jersey, I fear that moment of recognition when someone envisions boozefests in Atlantic City with a bunch of 22 year old hooligans named “The Situation” and “Snookie” that aren’t even FROM New Jersey. Yikes.

This may be what inspired us, on some level, to take wandering trips around the Jersey burbs the last few weeks. This state is pretty incredible, and I don’t care how many Jersey jokes you’ve heard in your life. It’s too bad for you that you’re not in the Garden State.


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Haven’t seen the show and I’ll take your word for it that it’s not worth tuning in. But on some level, the descriptions of the starring hooligan cast sound alot like some Rhodilan transplants. Are those accents vaguely familiar? Scariness!

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